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About the Fun Run, and what to expect.


For 2022, we're excited to have you back for our powerboating event to Catalina Island with a whole new agenda. Who's ready for more boating and more destinations?

Catalina Fun Run  |  September 23-25, 2022


Friday September 23 - Depart Newport Beach for Avalon.

9:00-10:30am - Launch: We will have some space for temporary docking/loading. But likely not room for all. Upon launch and conclusion of the safety meeting, please make way to the Main Channel clearing room for other participants to launch.

9:40-9:50am - Safety & Logistics Meeting (At the launch ramp)

10:30-11:10am - It's about a 40 minute idle to the exit of Newport Harbor. Don't be late! 

11:15am - Gather 1 mile straight outside Newport Harbor to meet up with the photo helicopter. @FastLoudPhotography and @OCPhotographics will be overhead as well as @ZipZapPower at sea level to capture pictures and videos of the entire run to Avalon. We will cruise down the stunning backdrop of Newport/Laguna coast to Emerald Bay. As we depart Newport, we ask that boats run in a single file leaving a 10-count gap between the boat in front of you. This way we can guarantee the helicopter can get pictures of each boat. Upon arrival to Emerald Bay we will head West and depart to Avalon Harbor.  Upon arrival to Avalon Harbor we will continue taking pictures. Feel free to take a few loops in front of the island. Check in with the red patrol boats and pay the harbor master for your mooring assignment. (See Mooring Info below) Upon mooring you will call a shore boat on VHF9 to bring you and your luggage to the pier.

12:00-4:00pm -Lunch at Descanso Beach Club. Seating is first come first serve at and around the bar. You're also welcome to reserve cabanas or lounge chairs on the Descanso Beach Club website.

2:00pm - Sponsor Appreciation

3:00pm - Hotel Check-ins

Evening - You're free to explore, socialize, make diner plans, and enjoy the nightlife on the island.

NEW FOR 2022!:

Saturday September 24 - Depart Avalon to explore around the island and meetup at our mooring location in Two Harbors.

10:15am - For those wanting to run as a group, we will meetup on the boats near the Hamilton Cove (condo community North of Descanso Beach) for a short yet scenic run to Two Harbors.

11:00am-4:00pm - Thanks to our hospitality sponsors, MTI Boats & KaliKustoms, we've been able to reserve our own private area at Harbor Sands with cabanas, lounge chairs, picnic tables, music, games, and cash bar service. It's about 32 miles round-trip between Avalon and Isthmus Cove. For the more adventurous crew, you can make the 55 mile scenic loop around the island with the option of mooring in Cat Harbor or Isthmus Cove. Upon arrival check-in with the gray patrol boats to receive your mooring assignment. In Two Harbors its less than a 0.5 mile walk between Cat Harbor & Isthmus Cove, so definitely take time to check them both out.

3:30pm - Awards ceremony

4:30pm or at your leisure - Return to Avalon

Evening - You're free to explore, socialize, make diner plans, and enjoy the nightlife on the island.

Sunday September 25 - Depart Avalon to return to the mainland.

10:15am - We will meetup on the boats in Hamilton Cove (condo community North of Descanso Beach). 

11:00am – Depart  to Emerald Bay in Laguna Beach. We'll have a short tie up before we say our farewells home or to further explore Newport Harbor.

Hotel Information

Hyatt Regency Newport Beach  (Across from Launch Ramp)

Aurora Hotel - Avalon

Bellanca Hotel - Avalon

Catalina Island Inn - Avalon

Metropole Hotel - Avalon

Hotel St. Lauren - Avalon

Others are available through

Launch Information

Launch, Parking, and Cleanout Facilities

   Newport Dunes Resort & Marina         (949) 729-1100

   101 N Bayside Dr                                  

   Newport Beach, CA 

Registered attendees will be added to a Facebook Messenger group text 24 hours before the event. This has worked well for communications, comradery, and maybe a little sh!t-talking following arrival. Registered guests and their crew can join with the following link.

Mooring Information

Avalon Harbor does not pre-reserve moorings. However our relationship with the harbor master allows us to supply our list of registered participants for advance assignments. This speeds up the check-in process at the island. Since these dates are still the "off-season" there should be plenty of moorings available. Shoreboats are available to bring you, your guests, and any luggage to shore. Please be patient since we have a lot of boats/guests arriving at the same time.

Pleasure Pier # 22
Avalon, CA 90704
GPS: 33° 20' 31.92'', -118° 19' 38.28''
(310) 510-0535
Avalon Harbor - VHF 12 & 16
Shoreboat - VHF 9

We have also provided boat details to the Two Harbors harbor master to make mooring assignments. Two Harbors does allow mooring reservations beginning Thursday Evening for the upcoming weekend.

Two Harbors Mooring Reservations

Safety Information

Vessel Assist - Newport Beach

VHF 16

(800) 391-4869

Vessel Assist - Long Beach

VHF 16

(800) 391-4869

US Coast Guard Vessel Safety Checklist

Our event is always registered with the US Coast Guard so they are aware of our agenda and can provide emergency support on an as-needed basis. 


Avalon Harbor - (Next to the Casino on the South side)
2 Casino Way
Avalon CA 90740

33° 20.897’N - 118° 19.583’W 

(310) 510-0046


  • Pure 93 Octane (in cans)

  • Mid-grade unleaded

  • Red dye diesel

Hours:​ 8am - 4:30pm - 7 Days


Other Helpful Links

Avalon Harbor Department

 Mooring Map - Avalon Harbor

Mooring Map - Around Catalina Island

How To Pickup a Mooring Video

Marine Forecast

Visit Catalina Island

Two Harbors

Newport Dunes Launch Ramp

N 33° 37' 9.9177" W 117° 53' 29.7582"

Emerald Bay

N 33° 33' 2.0163" W 117° 48' 38.0906"

Avalon Harbor, Catalina Island

N 33° 20' 41.1435" W 118° 19' 26.5495"

Descanso Beach Club

N 33° 21' 3.5027" W 118° 19' 40.801"

Two Harbors Isthmus

Isthmus Cove - Leeward side

N 33° 26' 33.4779" W 118° 29' 51.0194"

Cat Harbor - Windward side

N 33° 25' 55.5096" W 118° 30' 19.2909"

Emerald Bay Moorings

N 33° 33' 2.0163" W 117° 48' 38.0906"

Descanso Beach Club

Descanso Beach Club is our meeting destination upon arrival. This beautiful beachside bar features two outdoor bars, cabanas, dining, sandy beach, water activities, live music and amazing views while you take it all in. 

Fun Runners are welcome to explore the island as desired. But you'll almost always find at least part of our group at this beachside oasis.


Two Harbors

Located on Catalina’s west end, Two Harbors is a rustic village that sits on a narrow strip of land separating Isthmus Cove on the leeward side of the island from Catalina Harbor on the windward side.

Saturday will include a short ride to Two Harbors for a day of relaxing in the cove in our own private cabanas located on the white sandy beach of Isthmus Cove. For more adventure, some may choose to run around the island and moor in Catalina Harbor on the windward side where you can enjoy a short 15 minute hike to meet up with the CFR crew. 

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